On October 12, 2005, a rubber ducky flash drive was received at Dynamic Methods headquarters, marked sent October 12, 2035, reading:

Master Howell. Years ago, I served with you in The Paper Wars and desperately need your help. There has been an unforeseen re-emergence of the sinister Paper Pushers. My cubicle has fallen under attack, with physical documents piling higher and higher each day. My mission to go completely paperless is starting to crumple. Stored intel pertinent to the survival of the Paperless Pioneer rebellion is in this rubber ducky memory stick. Access it, implement upgrades and disseminate them throughout the Dynamic System. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Master Howell. You're my only hope.

Hi, I'm David Howell, you may recognise me from such proptech as REI Forms Live, Realworks, and Forms Live.

Over the past 16 years, our forms software has assisted in the creation of over 40M+ real estate forms & agreements. Before this, however, I was just another burned out software engineer.

In 2005, I walked away from a lucrative engineering job. I decided to start my own software company in 2006 instead. 100% bootstrapped and profitable from day one. Now a 12-person company, growing year on year.

Dynamic Methods' innovative software make real estate agencies more efficient – allowing data to be captured just once and passed on to the next step in the process, providing your team with access to that information quickly and easily whether they are in the office or out in the field.

In English? We’re in the business of constant and never ending improvement, because we believe at core that, “if it can’t be improved, you’re not trying hard enough”.

Our software solutions specialise for workflow and efficiency within the real estate and property services industries, empower more than 600,000 Australian real estate transactions per month.

We’re pretty chuffed about that too.

When I'm not deploying updates, you can find me standing at the whiteboard mapping out new features, while exclaiming pivot…pivot…pivaaat!